Bryant Park

August 15, 2011

Hey everyone,

I am back, coming off a little of a busy week I mostly worked events and was in the office one day. The biggest event I work was the closing of Broadway at Bryant Park, and I was working with 106.7LITEFM. Bryant Park is located inNew York City; it is a pretty big park where they have summer events. AndLITEFM was there every Thursday for six weeks and they do this every year.

This event was called Broadway at Bryant Park because they had a few plays from Broadway come every week and do some of their acts. A lot of the times it was one or two songs but every one that came out enjoyed the shows. You even had some people that came out for all six weeks.

At these events we just hadLITEFM tents set up in the park with had some handouts and giveaways. And this was the way we promoted the stations and also the event. The handouts that we gave out had the stations name on it and also a list of all the events that where going on in Bryant Park. We also take pictures while we are at these events. And also being part of the street team at these events we had to help out the sponsors because they are a big reason why the event can run. When we help the sponsors it can be as little as helping set their tent up or even just helping them with their handouts.

As you can see it is a lot that can happen at these events, especially when it is a big one like Broadway at Bryant. This was suppose to be my last week at the internship but I wanted to stay an extra week. So I will be coming back to you with one more post and I will try and get you pictures of my experience at Clear Channel Radio.

Til next time…..


Big Meeting

August 10, 2011

Hey everyone,

I am back I know it took me awhile to get back to you, but I had a little difficulty getting to a computer for a few days. I know in my last post I told you I was having a meeting with Director of Marking. And like I promise I am here to tell you about it, I must say I was a little nervous about the meeting at first. But everything went well and I was able to see he really enjoys his job.

He let me know in the beginning that the reason for the meeting was to get to know the interns in a one on one setting. He wanted to know how we found and felt about the internship. Throughout the whole meeting he threw out a lot of question, but it wasn’t like a interview. He really wanted to see what I had planned for the future and I did not mine answering those questions.

After he ask me all the questions he gave me that opportunity to ask him a few questions. I found out that he started in the promotions and marketing department like me and worked his way up. He said he found something he loved and stuck with it, they offered him a full time job in the promotions and marketing department and took it. But because he took the job he did not finish college, that was a tough decision but after that he knew he definitely had to say focus to move up.

I the meeting went well and I left it feeling positive about everything. He also said at the end of the meeting if I ever needed anything that I could contract him. I know a lot of people say that but they do not mean it, but from our conversation I see he meant it.

Til next time…….

More Events….

August 2, 2011

Hey everyone,

I am back to tell you about another week, as the summer is slowly coming to a end it seems like the more and more events we have. We just finish having a staff meeting and was told for the month of August some people might do two events a day. That is how busy it is getting everyone wants to end the summer off with a bang. But I do not mind that because we do have fun at these events. For the most part we give away gifts bags , interact with people and provide them with music from the station. And when we are on these events that one of our ways of promoting the stations too.

And on top of all the events the stations are giving away more prizes too. And that always keeps us busy on the office side of things. In the office is where we make phones and let people know that prize or tickets for a concert is ready for pick. And I must say some of these phones calls I make are very interesting, a lot of do not believe that I work for the station they thing it is a joke. But I haven’t had anyone hang up on me yet so that is a good thing.

Coming soon I have a one on one meeting with the Director of Marking, he wanted to meet with the internship before leave. So I will make sure I let you know how that good and I already have some questions that I want to ask him, wish me luck. The next time you heard from me will be after my meeting with him.

Til next time…..


July 22, 2011

Hey everyone,

I am back and this has been a crazy week, I came to the office on Monday and we had two different artist come to two of the five station I am working with. We had Lady Gaga at Z100 and DJ Khaled at Power 105.1. It was so many people outside the building I had a hard time getting in the doors.

And as the day went on  there was a lot of people coming into the station to pick up any of the prizes that they may have won. It had to be over a hundred people throughout the day come in. I haven’t seen the office that busy on a Monday since I been here. But I do not mind that all because that keeps me busy in the office. All of the stations are running a lot of contests and are giving away concert tickets for the summer.

On top of all of that this has had to be the hottest week of the summer and it does not look like the heat is going away. I had to work a event and it was outside. All I can say is I am glad I survived the heat and I had plenty of water.

Today is my office day and I had to come into the city and it is also the hottest day of the week. Just my luck it was a 30 minute delay for my train coming into the city. In this heat that did not work to well for me at all. Then I had a big surprise for me when I got the office. There was at least a hundred people outside waiting to see Taylor Swift because she was here today. It was crazy walking through that today, but I made it to the office and now I am trying to stay cool for the rest of the day.

Til next week….

BB Kings

July 12, 2011

Hey everyone,


I am back again I am still enjoying theNew Yorklife style and the internship. As the summer is heating up and getting hotter and hotter the more events there are to work in the tri-state area. But I have no problem with that because it is keeping me busy for the summer and I am learning a lot.


I had the opportunity to work at BB Kings which is in the city; it is almost in the heart of time square. If you want to visit the city time square should be your first stops and you will see why they say it is the city that never sleeps. All you will see are the many bright lights around and it is like that all the time.


The event at BB Kings was my first night event, when I got there at 8:00pm the bright lights were on and at 2:00am when I left they where still on. To me it gets no better than that. Also while work the event I was able to see Olivia and Miguel two R&B singers. They were performing at BB Kings that night.  It was a pretty late night but I had fun.

Til next time….

Keri Hilson

July 1, 2011

Hey everyone,

I am back to tell you about another week, but do not worry it is better then the last time I spoke to you. I can really enjoy New York City now because the rain has gone away for now and the sun is out. You cannot ask for anything better than that. It makes the train ride into the city that much easier.

I had to work few events but it was only one that stood out to me. Keri Hilson came to do a concert at our theater she is a big R&B singer.

I have been waiting for this event for at least two weeks. I have to be honest I do have a big crush on her. All the other interns in the office found that out too and had a few jokes the day she came. I really wish I could have got a picture with her to put up but I did not work. But for the most part I enjoy myself at the event and enjoyed seeing her too.

Til next time…

First week at Clear Channel

June 21, 2011

Hey everyone,

This is the first blog post as I just finished my first week at my internship in New York. Going into the week I was very excited come on it is New York, you have to be excited for that. I have the opportunity to go into the city that never sleeps every week, you can’t beat that. But I was in for a surprise it rained all week now that was not fun at all.

It is very hard to enjoy the city when it is raining so for my second week I am hoping for better weather. But other then the bad weather I had a good first week at my internship. I will have more to tell you on the next post.

Till next time…