Big Meeting

Hey everyone,

I am back I know it took me awhile to get back to you, but I had a little difficulty getting to a computer for a few days. I know in my last post I told you I was having a meeting with Director of Marking. And like I promise I am here to tell you about it, I must say I was a little nervous about the meeting at first. But everything went well and I was able to see he really enjoys his job.

He let me know in the beginning that the reason for the meeting was to get to know the interns in a one on one setting. He wanted to know how we found and felt about the internship. Throughout the whole meeting he threw out a lot of question, but it wasn’t like a interview. He really wanted to see what I had planned for the future and I did not mine answering those questions.

After he ask me all the questions he gave me that opportunity to ask him a few questions. I found out that he started in the promotions and marketing department like me and worked his way up. He said he found something he loved and stuck with it, they offered him a full time job in the promotions and marketing department and took it. But because he took the job he did not finish college, that was a tough decision but after that he knew he definitely had to say focus to move up.

I the meeting went well and I left it feeling positive about everything. He also said at the end of the meeting if I ever needed anything that I could contract him. I know a lot of people say that but they do not mean it, but from our conversation I see he meant it.

Til next time…….


2 Responses to “Big Meeting”

  1. Dr. Estwick Says:

    It sounds like it was a good and informative meeting.

  2. jayb12 Says:

    Yes it was good that meeting helped me out a lot.

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